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How to Track and Manage LaserShip Package Deliveries

LaserShip is a popular regional parcel carrier serving the Eastern and Midwest United States. With the rise of e-commerce and home deliveries, understanding LaserShip tracking and how to manage your shipments is essential. This guide will explain everything you need to know about tracking and receiving LaserShip packages.

Introduction to LaserShip

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, LaserShip has grown to become the largest regional delivery carrier in the U.S. The company specializes in expedited services like same-day and next-day delivery for retailers, e-commerce, and healthcare companies.

While LaserShip focuses on the Eastern and Midwest regions, their network covers most states. They also provide logistics and warehousing beyond just package delivery. In 2021, LaserShip acquired the West Coast company OnTrac, expanding their reach.

Tracking Your LaserShip Package

When you order a delivery that will be fulfilled by LaserShip, you’ll receive a tracking number. This allows you to track the progress of your package every step of the way using LaserShip’s tracking tools.

To track your LaserShip package:

  1. Go to LaserShip’s tracking page at
  2. Enter your tracking number and hit “Track Now”
  3. View the real-time status and delivery updates
  4. See estimated delivery date and past progress

Understanding Tracking Updates

As your package ships with LaserShip, the tracking status will update to reflect where it is in transit. This helps estimate delivery timelines.

Some common tracking status messages include:

  • Label Created – The shipment is processed but not yet picked up
  • Arrived at LaserShip Facility – It has reached the local depot
  • Out for Delivery – On the vehicle for delivery that day
  • Delivered – Successfully delivered to recipient

Tracking will also show delivery attempts, delays, redirects and other events. Reviewing tracking regularly makes it easy to monitor your LaserShip packages.

Steps if Your Package is Delayed

LaserShip aims to deliver all parcels quickly within their 2-4 day timeframe. However, occasionally shipments face delays. If your LaserShip tracking has not updated for several days:

  • Confirm the retailer shipped your order to LaserShip. If not, contact the seller.
  • If the package shipped, allow 3 business days from shipping for LaserShip tracking updates.
  • If still no change after 3 days, reach out to the retailer for assistance.
  • The retailer can contact LaserShip to determine the issue and next steps.

Getting Your Shipment Back on Track

If LaserShip marks your shipment as “attempted” or cannot complete delivery, don’t worry. There are ways to get your package back in transit:

  • Verify your shipping address is correct on the retailer’s website. Update if needed.
  • Add delivery instructions like gate codes through LaserShip’s tracking tools.
  • This will notify the driver of access issues to retry delivery.
  • For immediate reattempts, you may need to pick up from a LaserShip facility.

With proactive tracking and communication, you can work with LaserShip to successfully receive your deliveries.

Changing Your LaserShip Delivery Address

If you need to redirect your LaserShip package to a different address, contact the retailer. For security reasons, address changes must be approved and processed by the seller.

Once the retailer verifies and updates the address, the change will automatically flow through to LaserShip. This prevents unauthorized redirection attempts. Expect at least 1 business day to process address changes before your package ships to the new location.

Picking Up LaserShip Packages

For urgent deliveries, failed attempts, or redirected packages, you may need to retrieve your parcels from LaserShip facilities directly.

To pickup a package from LaserShip:

  • Use tracking to see if it is held at a local LaserShip depot.
  • Bring a photo ID and tracking number to verify your identity.
  • Retrieve your package over the counter during facility hours.
  • This allows faster access than redelivery attempts.

LaserShip Customer Service

If you need assistance tracking a package or resolving delivery issues, LaserShip’s customer service has several options:

  • Helpful resources on their Contact page for tracking, delivery, and info.
  • Submit inquiries through tracking for specialized team assistance.
  • Reach out to customer support email and phone contacts.
  • Messages on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

LaserShip aims to quickly solve tracking and delivery challenges. Their customer service team works to provide timely answers and solutions.

The LaserShip Network

In 2018, LaserShip boasted over 60 distribution centers scattered across the United States and four sorting centers in Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida. With approximately 1300 employees and a network of nearly 4600 delivery personnel, LaserShip serves exclusively within the United States, primarily along the East Coast, covering a vast network of over 150 million customers.

In addition to Washington, DC, LaserShip operates in the following states:

  1. Florida
  2. Arkansas
  3. Mississippi
  4. Georgia
  5. South Carolina
  6. North Carolina
  7. Tennessee
  8. Kentucky
  9. Virginia
  10. Ohio
  11. Indiana
  12. Michigan
  13. Pennsylvania
  14. Maryland
  15. Delaware
  16. New Jersey
  17. Connecticut
  18. New York
  19. Rhode Island
  20. Massachusetts
  21. New Hampshire
  22. Comprehensive Delivery Services

The LaserShip Tracking Number Format

The LaserShip tracking number follows a specific format, typically consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. Common prefixes for LaserShip tracking numbers include “1LS,” “LS,” “LX,” or “BN.” Tracking numbers may also include more than 10 characters, extending up to 15, with multiple alphabetic characters. For example, tracking numbers like “LX26608682” or “1LSCY720002KE2J” are indicative of LaserShip shipments.

Navigating LaserShip Tracking States

LaserShip packages go through various tracking states to provide customers with real-time updates on their delivery status. These tracking states include:

  • An access code or instructions are needed to complete delivery, please submit within 3 business days
  • Arrived at LaserShip facility
  • Arrived at LaserShip final servicing facility
  • Delivery could not be completed – unable to gain access to deliver package
  • Delivery date
  • Departed from LaserShip facility
  • Label created, tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the LaserShip facility
  • Loaded onto vehicle
  • Order information created by LaserShip
  • Out for delivery
  • Package is on its way
  • Package received as an overage
  • Package received by your local LaserShip facility and is processing for delivery, see estimated LaserShip origin scan
  • Select the camera icon to view delivery photo
  • We may need additional information to complete your delivery. Please confirm full address within 3 business days
  • We’re awaiting receipt of your package from the seller. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re sorry, but delivery of your package has been delayed. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your delivery. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re sorry, your package was routed incorrectly & is en route to your local facility. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re unable to complete delivery due to business closure, please provide hours. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re working hard to deliver your package soon. Please continue to check your tracking for real-time updates
  • We’re preparing your package for delivery, see estimated delivery date
  • Your package has been delayed due to weather. We will deliver as soon as possible
  • Your package has been delivered
  • Your package has been received and is on its way to your LaserShip facility, see estimated delivery date.

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