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Getting Reliable 4PX Tracking for Your International Deliveries

4PX has become one of the top choices for ecommerce sellers shipping internationally from China. With reliable transit times and tracking, 4PX simplifies cross-border delivery. This article will explore how 4PX tracking works and provide tips for getting updates on your shipments.

What is 4PX Tracking?

4PX tracking allows you to follow the progress of your package as it travels from the seller to the final destination. Each 4PX package is assigned a unique 13-character tracking number that identifies it in the 4PX system.

Entering the 4PX tracking number on the 4PX website or a trackanytime tracking site provides real-time status updates as the parcel moves through the 4PX logistics network. Key details include when the package departs and arrives at transit hubs, passes through customs, and finally gets delivered.

4PX tracking gives sellers and buyers visibility into the shipment journey and estimated delivery timeframe. If there are any delays, the 4PX tracking updates can provide clues as to where the package is held up.

How to Track 4PX Packages

4PX offers a few methods for tracking parcels from your computer or mobile device:

4PX Official Website Tracking

The main way to track 4PX packages is directly on their website. Simply go to https://track.4px.com/#/ and enter the 13-digit tracking number. You can input up to five tracking numbers to monitor at once.

The 4PX tracking site shows the current status and previous event history, helping to estimate delivery time. One downside is lacking visibility after 4PX hands off the package to the final mile carrier.

Third-Party Courier Tracking Sites

For more detailed 4PX tracking, use a site like trackanytime.com or Aftership.com. These aggregators integrate with 1000+ couriers worldwide, providing better updates when 4PX transfers the package to USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Know about 4PX Tracking Status Codes

As your package makes it way to the destination, the 4PX tracking updates will show these common status messages:

  • Shipment Information Received: 4PX has your package and created a tracking number
  • Departed from Facility: The package has left the 4PX origin facility
  • In Transit: The parcel is on the way to the destination
  • Arrived at Destination: Reached the destination country and will be handed to the final mile courier
  • Out for Delivery: On the truck for final delivery
  • Delivered: Successfully delivered to the buyer’s address
  • Returned: Being shipped back to the seller due to an undeliverable address or refusal
  • Other less common 4PX tracking statuses like “Delayed in Customs” or “Shipment on Hold” indicate an issue that needs to be resolved before delivery can proceed.

How Long Does 4PX Delivery Take?

4PX is a relatively fast option for ecommerce sellers shipping inventory from China to worldwide destinations. Transit times range from 4-35 days depending on the destination region:

  • Europe: 12-25 days
  • USA: 12-25 days
  • Australia: 18-35 days
  • Middle East: 18-35 days
  • South America: 30+ days
  • Africa: 30+ days

Shipments to North America and Europe will arrive within 2-4 weeks, which is speedy compared to sea freight. Factors like customs processing, holidays, or bad weather can delay some packages. Always communicate realistic delivery estimates to buyers based on 4PX tracking data.

What Happens If a 4PX Package Has No Updates?

It can be worrying if your 4PX tracking shows no changes for several days. Before panicking, first verify the tracking number entered is correct. Sometimes numbers get transposed or mistyped.

If the tracking number is right, contact 4PX customer service to investigate. Provide the 13-digit tracking code and package details. 4PX can look up the status internally and determine if it is lost or just experiencing delays.

For packages shipped via 4PX ePacket, tracking tends to drop off once it leaves China. Third-party tracking sites often provide better visibility as the local carrier takes over.

How to Get Help from 4PX Customer Service

If a 4PX package is delayed or tracking stops working, you need to reach out to 4PX customer support to troubleshoot:

  • Submit an inquiry on 4px.com with the tracking number, ship date, item details and issue
  • Call 4PX at 0755-23508000
  • Email tracking inquiries to [email protected]
  • Message @4PXGlobal on Twitter or Facebook
  • Visit the 4PX office in Shenzhen, China or other locations – 4PX EXPRESS CO., LTD., No.12 Building, FuYong e-cool, BaoAn District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China

4PX has an entire customer service team dedicated to solving tracking problems quickly. They want to ensure sellers get reliable updates on every shipment.

Pro Tips for 4PX Tracking

Follow these best practices when it comes to tracking 4PX package deliveries:

  • Record all 13-digit tracking numbers in a spreadsheet or order management system
  • Enter the 4PX tracking number as soon as it’s available, before the package even leaves your facility
  • Bookmark the 4PX tracking website and check for updates every 2-3 days
  • Set up email or push notification alerts of status changes through AfterShip or other tracking apps
  • Share 4PX tracking numbers with your customers so they can also monitor the delivery status
  • Contact 4PX as soon as a package is over 5 days late or tracking stops updating
  • Consider insuring high-value 4PX shipments in case a parcel gets lost or damaged
  • Reliable 4PX Tracking Sets Expectations

4PX has made cross-border ecommerce simple for Chinese sellers through accurate tracking and faster transit times. Monitoring your shipments every step of the way via 4PX tracking provides visibility for you and the recipient. Leverage the available tracking tools and customer service for help getting parcels delivered on time.

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