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About DotZot Courier Company

Many industries have moved some if not all of their operations to the internet, and for a good reason. The internet presents a faster and convenient method of doing things. Therefore, the Dotzot courier service introduced the dotzot courier tracking tool. This tool allows clients and customers to track the status of their dotzot deliveries in real-time efficiently.

Dotzot courier service is one of the famous logistics companies in India. The company was founded in 2012 with a vision to create a pan-India delivery network focused exclusively on e-retail delivery fulfillment. The company looks to help the retail industry reach their customers with their parcels on time. In 2014, dotzot became the first retail delivery company to establish operations in all 7 NE states of India. In 2015, dotzot courier service increased its coverage to 10,000 pin codes in India, and a dotzot plus package that guarantees next day delivery. dotzot announced in 2016 that they had now collaborated with over 1000 stores to offer return and pickup services across ten major cities in India.

Despite all of these remarkable achievements and unique services, dotzot knew they had to put the power of parcel tracking in the hands of their clients’.Therefore, they have introduced a tracking service- dotzot courier consignment tracking; this service will give customers full access to the details and status of their dotzot package.

With just your courier tracking number, you can track your Dotzot parcel in real-time. Here are some key features you should note about the dotzot courier tracking online.

Check DotZot Tracking Detail

If you have the tracking number of DotZot courier then you can easily track your order. Just put the DotZot courier tracking no on the top box and then press the track button.

Key features & benefits of DotZot Courier Tracking

  • Get real-time information on the status of your delivery, its most recent location- monitor your parcel as it breezes through the dotzot network.
  • Receive email/SMS alerts on your delivery status- this is optional, and you will get this prompt once you log on with your air waybill number or your tracking number.
  • Dozdot consignment courier tracking eliminates the need to call up customer care every time you want to inquire about your shipment status or location.
  • Change or redirect your deliveries to a new address with the dozdot courier tracking tool when you meet the conditions.

DotZot Courier Tracking from Official Website

If you want to check your order status manually then you can visit the DotZot official website that is, click to explore . Here you need to enter your AWB no. then click on the track button.

Customers are continually searching for a way to track their deliveries without visiting the courier location to inquire about their deliveries. You can rest assured that dotzot courier tracking service will give you all you need to know or report to your customers about their delivery status.

You can track your parcel as long as you have your dotzot courier tracking details; you could have an air waybill number or an order reference number. Either of those two numbers can be used to get information on the status of your delivery.

Dozdot courier is one of India’s fastest-growing logistics companies. Their dedication to customer satisfaction makes them one of the most sought after courier companies in India. In this case, the dozdot courier tracking tool is proof of their efforts to give the customer a god’s eye view of their shipments. Under certain circumstances, you might be able to change your delivery location using this service. This tool is also entirely free; dozdot does not charge any fee to use this tracking tool.

DotZot Customer Care Support Number

  • Contact Number: 1800532077
  • Email Id: Not Gien

Faq of DotZot Courier

Can I tie parcels together?

No. all parcels must be packaged and labeled separately.

Do I need to box my delivery?

No, It is not mandatory to box your deliveries. However, you are advised to package your deliveries and label them. You can click here for more details on how to package your shipment.

How do I know the status of my delivery?

You can learn about the status of your delivery by using the dozdot courier tracking online tool. Visit the dozdot courier tracking website and enter your dotzot courier tracking no, air waybill number, or your order reference number to see information on your parcel's status.

Do Dotzot deliver on Sundays?

No. Dotzot cannot deliver on public holidays and Sundays. Sunday deliveries can be arranged; however, it will attract additional charges.

Do you have a list of DOTZOT stores in various locations?

If you need assistance, you can find out it from Dotzot website.

What is the dotzot courier tracking contact number?

If you need assistance with any problem concerning your delivery, you can visit any dotzot service centers. You can also reach customer care on the website.

What do I do if I missed a delivery?

Suppose you missed your delivery. In that case, you will receive a “missed you” card- you can call the number on that card to reschedule and arrange another delivery.

What time will I get my shipment?

Unless your parcel is time defined, you should get your delivery anytime between 9 am to 6 pm.

How long will delivery take?

Dotzot courier pride itself on fast deliveries. Usually, you should get your delivery in 3-7 days. Note that deliveries in the Northeast areas such as; Jammu & Kashmir etc., may take longer. Please wait 3-7 days before querying a delivery.

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