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About DHL Express Tracking

DHL is one of the leading logistics companies in the world today. The company was founded by three men (Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn) in 1969. They had no idea that they were going to make such an impact in the logistics industry. Well, 51 years down the line, and DHL has over 350,000 staff members with operations in 220 countries.

DHL Express courier tracking is a subsidiary online courier tracking tool developed to assist customers and clients in tracking their parcels at their convenience.

For years, courier service customers have complained that they are not able to track their deliveries. Most of them complain that calling customer service or visiting the courier location is too stressful for them.

Fortunately, DHL Express solutions have developed an online tracking tool that gives full power to the client. With DHL Express tracking, you can effectively track your delivery status and update your customers in real-time.

Key Features of DHL Express tracking

  • Track your deliveries in real-time; follow your delivery progress as it speeds through the fast network of DHL.
  • Monitor the status of your delivery and track it’s the most recent location
  • Get email and SMS alerts on the status of your deliveries.
  • Faster access to the full location of your parcel without contacting customer care.

Suppose you used to call customer service to inquire about your delivery status, well. In that case, you don’t have to wait on hold to speak to a customer care agent anymore. You can visit the DHL Express courier tracking homepage and enter your tracking number. You will get full information on your phone about your delivery.

As part of their efforts to make the business of logistics easier, DHL has now introduced its custom tracking system to allow customers a god’s eye view of their parcels. There is zero need to contact customer care, and you don’t have to visit that DHL Express courier office on the other side of town. All you need to do is visit the DHL Express tracking website and enter your tracking number to get full details on your parcel’s whereabouts and status.

Check DHL Express Tracking Detail

If you have the tracking number of DHL Express courier then you can easily track your order. Just put the DHL Express courier tracking no on the top box and then press the track button.

DHL Express Courier Tracking from Official Website

If you want to check your order status manually then you can visit the DHL Express official website that is, visit it . Here you need to enter your AWB no. then click on the track button.

DHL Customer Care Support Number

  • Contact Number: 1800 111 345 (toll free)*
  • Email Id: Not Given

FAQs(frequently asked questions) DHL Express Courier Tracking

If I do not have my number, is it still possible to track my shipment?

Yes. DHL says it is possible to track shipments without the tracking number. However, this can be done only under certain circumstances or conditions. You advised by DHL to take note of your tracking number; however, if you have the shipper's reference number, then you can use the DHL online shipper's reference number.

I get an invalid waybill tracking number error every time I try to track my DHL shipment?. Why

Many things can cause this; however, it is usually a wrong input. Note that your air waybill number is ten digits. Please check your tracking number or air waybill number, and try again.

The DHL Express tracking results I get will show me a prompt to sign up for notifications; what does this mean?

This means that if your shipment hasn't been delivered yet, you can sign up for Email/SMS alerts on your delivery status. This saves you time; you don't have to log on to the DHL Express tracking website to get updates again.

I have tracked my shipment, but I have been told to contact DHL?

DHL Express tracking might not show you tracking status if there isn't enough information to display one. Most times, an untraceable address might be the cause of this small error. However, you can always reach DHL on their customer care lines for your country on the DHL courier tracking website. There is an option for you to speak to a customer care agent if you cannot use this tool to track your delivery.

DHL has been one of the forefront leaders in logistics development. They are trusted and efficient; they do not compromise on quality service. They are ready to get your parcel to you even when there is bad weather. The DHL courier tracking is just one of their many initiatives to give customers full control over their delivery. At the same time, DHL acts as a delivery pipeline.


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